About the Installation Accessories

If you place the order from us, you would get the package with those installation accessories.
Notice: There are three types of parts.

1) The chucks and hooks are used to install the seat covers that you get.


2) Another black plastic rectangular parts are for those rear seats with the molded headrests. If your back headrests are removable, just ignore them.
If your rear seats with non-removable headrests, you can use them to install the back seat covers. Please check the installation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87JUb7aR4X4


Front Seat covers Installation:

Sometimes, it appears that the missing parts were forgotten during the packing process. Unfortunately, this happens from time to time due to the busy schedules of our employees.

Please feel free to send us message (The Order Number, Address and Phone Number). If you placed the order via Amazon or Walmart, we could help you too, please be patient and email us and tell us the correct order number.

We will give you a reply and arrange the package for you asap.

Thanks for your support!


  • Michael Leonardson

    I bought a set of front seat Coverado seat covers at an auction and they didn’t include the attachment accessories. Can I receive them directly from your company? They are perfect in every way otherwise, and I really like them.

  • Dale Place

    I previously posted that I did not get my installation tools, but I found them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Dale Place

    I did not receive the installation tools with my seat cover order. Could you please send them to me. I ordered from Amazon and the order number is
    Order Placed: December 31, 2023
    Amazon.com order number: 114-0525567-3552205
    Order Total: $183.55

    Shipped on January 4, 2024

    Items Ordered Price
    1 of: Coverado Car Seat Covers Full Set, Seat Covers for Cars, Car Seat Cover, Car Seat Protector Waterproof, Nappa Leather Car Seat Cushion, Car Seat Covers Front Seats and Back Fit for Most Cars Gray
    Sold by: COVERADO AUTO STORE (seller profile)
    Supplied by: COVERADO AUTO STORE (seller profile)

    Condition: New

    Shipping Address:
    Dale M. Place
    73 Scales Rd.
    Champlain, NY 12919
    United States

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