Wayne, the founder, is a basketball enthusiast. He drives to the nearby basketball park to play basketball every night and drives home with sweating profusely. Besides, he is kind of a neat freak, and cannot stand the sour smell of sweat on the seat after it dries. He also found that leather can be easily corroded by sweat. The new car he bought for just one year has already been in bad shape because he often drives it to play basketball.

Wayne decided to put a cover on his new car, but seat covers on the market generally look ugly, with poor material, mixed with some plastic smell. Thus, Wayne entrusted his friend Joyce, whose father is a traditional craftsman, to customize a seat cover for his car. Besides, he made two requests: 1. using environmentally friendly and odorless materials; 2. being nice and pretty (extremely important). After two months of design and modification, a seat cover that not only meets his requirements for fashion, but also is environmentally friendly & odorless was finally completed. Wayne also found that considerate Joyce had designed a lumbar support for his seat cover since Wayne once injured his waist in a ball game and Joyce hopes that the seat cover can add an extra layer of protection for Wayne’s waist.

Wayne felt great after using this seat cover, while many car users around him complained that they had the same problems and needs about their seats, thus he decided to introduce it to them. However, with too expensive labor cost of customization and additional cost of environmentally friendly materials, the price of a seat cover exceeds USD 1000, which is not conducive to popularization. Therefore, Wayne began to research the vehicle-seat fitment, and developed a seat cover that can be mass produced after analyzing the seats of more than 500 models of 38 brands (makes). With the design of elastic leather used, the seat cover can be applied to 93% models in the market, which greatly reduces the cost.


Wayne and Joyce began their cooperation on seat covers and mainly sold them online. They had the first batch of overseas orders from Colorado in 2019. Therefore, they named their brand Coverado.

The concept that Coverado has always adhered to is that every car, as our friend, deserves a gorgeous and environmentally friendly cover.

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