As a rising star in the seat cover field, Coverado is hugely popular in the market with its fashionable design, superb tailoring, and exquisite workmanship.


Firstly, in terms of style, different from the traditional seat cover, Coverado uses a mix of more fashion elements in design, such as the integration of the wild cobra, brisk forest, and a 3D style featuring the muscle lines.


Secondly, in respect of material, Coverado uses various materials in a spliced and mix-and-match manner other than a single material, with high-tech Polyurethane (PU) used as the main material, which is also different from and superior to the traditional PU, whether from the gloss, texture, or wear resistance. The splicing process not only integrates the durability of leather, but also reflects the air permeability of fabric.

With respect to design, Coverado has more innovative highlights, such as the use of spliced design, in which the leather is cut into many small pieces and spliced together to make the seat cover more closely fit the seat and look more fashionable and beautiful. In addition, Coverado also incorporates a button design, making the seat cover more like a piece of clothing for the seat to decorate the car interior in a gorgeous way. Coverado has been tested and improved many times by designers in combination with ergonomics, with the support design at the waist and the optimized internal sponge filling to bring great comfort to your driving.


In regard of pattern, Coverado uses a 3D all-round type. Coverado’s engineers have measured thousands of car models and built a huge database to produce universal seat covers suitable for most models and special seat covers perfect for a particular model.


Finally, all Coverado series have passed FDA certification, and the materials used are environment friendly.

With the concept of putting a gorgeous coat on your car diligently, Coverado seat cover is completely different from badly made traditional ones. We guarantee you will never regret buying it! Coverado has an independent professional team for its material, design, and service to provide you with the most comfortable and comprehensive products. You can enter the car brand, model, and manufacturing year on the website to view all the seat cover styles suitable for your car. We are always committed to extending the service life of your car or truck.

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