Wayne - Founder of Coverado

The rising star in the seat cover field has a rave following amongst car lovers for its beautifully designed, fashionable, and sustainably made car seat covers

Led by an industry-leading professional design team with decades of combined design experience in the auto space, Coverado has quickly set itself apart from other manufacturers by offering beautifully designed and crafted seat covers. Each is made with the highest possible quality materials like nappa leather, high-density knitted fabrics, hemp, and cotton, ensuring breathability, fade and wear resistance, and unparalleled comfort, and all have been tested, retested, and perfected. They can also fit almost any car seat model, thanks to Coverado’s extensive research and database of thousands of vehicles.

In a market that has traditionally featured shoddy but costly seat covers, this has earned Coverado a rave following amongst car lovers.

“I founded Coverado because I wanted to prolong the life of my car while making my seats both more beautiful and comfortable,” said Wayne Tseng, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Coverado. “As a basketball enthusiast myself, I love to drive to my nearby basketball park as often as I can to play. After about a year though, I noticed that my sweat was corroding my leather seats.”

Wayne added, “After finding only poor-quality seat covers on the market, I decided to partner with a friend to create something better. After months of research and development, we created a beautifully designed and fashionable product that was also made with environmentally-friendly materials. Coverado was born, and we’ve adhered to the same high-standards ever since in our quest to provide every car with a gorgeous cover.”


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